Motorway work

As an inspector I have been contracted by Various consultant organisations that Supervise Highways Agency Projects, my position has not only been communications but also general supervision of all aspects of the infrastructure that support the UK’s growing Motorway communications network.

Examples of motorway experience, and services that ZenteK can provide:

  • general site supervision
  • supervision of installation testing and commissioning of motorway communications systems
  • electrical testing and data testing (MCG1099 and 1022) to levels 2 and 3
  • commissioning NMCS2 signals, telephones,& Midas


Check construction specification of all aspects of civil work:

  •  trenching
  • ducting
  • 600 & 609 cabinet plinth construction
  • 600 & 609 cabinet wiring specification
  • micro & screw piling for structure support
  • NOMAD asset tracking


A1 Darrington to Dishforth DBFO:  September 2003 to April 2006

More information about Darrington to Dishforth

  • Principal supervisor of loop cutting for MIDAS and speed monitoring loops.  I also undertook the electrical tests for the 1218 certificates before and after loop cutting.  There were approximately 600 sites, none of which needed to be re-cut because of a wrong number of turns or failed performance.

  • installation of Siemens outstations and transponders (both Siemens and Golden River), commissioning and certification.

  • Installation of NMCS2 signals transponders (Peek), NMCS2 telephone responders (Siemens).

  •  Attended ‘Factory Acceptance Tests’ for signals (MS3 and MS), MIDAS equipment and telephone

  • Commissioned  MIDAS and telephone system from the COBS.

  • Level 2 electrical testing to BS7671 and MCG1099, and level 2 data testing to MCG1099


M1 Scratchwood MIDAS: March to April 2006

Supervised the installation of approximately 50 Siemens MIDAS outstations and personally undertook all commissioning and certification

Fairburn to River Aire Outfall Drainage Scheme.        Nov 2007 to April 2008

1.5 km Upgrade to the Fairburn Drainage System mostly through a totally residential area.

Work involved the checking, reporting and recording of all works for the client. The 600mm drainage pipes were required to be installed to strict line and level parameters, as were the numerous manholes. A river outfall with associated retaining walls had to be constructed and there were onerous reinstatement clauses placed on the contractor


MOTO – URS – North Midland Construction project,
Highways Agency representitive.

I have provided an overseeing role to all the civil aspects of works that are due to be completed in July 2008. These involve the re-locating of a motorway balancing pond and subsequent backfilling of the original site to allow the new access road embankment to be constructed through the area. There are complicated statutory undertakers’ diversions as well as new works required. There are strict environmental guidelines laid down and part of this required the construction of a new “badger run” under the new access road. Quite detailed traffic management measures are being utilised because of the need to maintain access around the whole of the motorway junction at all times.









Belfast Westlink Phases 1, 3a, 3b and 4      August 2008 – October 2009


Midas installation and commissioning (Highways Consulting Ltd.)

The A12 Westlink is an incalculably important road, connecting the M1, south of Belfast, to the M2 and M3 to the north. Second only to the M2 in terms of traffic levels, it is one of the busiest roads in Northern Ireland, carrying about 70,000 vehicles per day in 2004. As well as tens of thousands of daily commuters, virtually all traffic heading to Belfast Port from the south travels along the Westlink. Drivers have a love-hate relationship with this road which has been chronically congested since the day it opened in 1981, yet serves as a vital artery to the growing city.





M6 –  M56 – M11 – A1M Stevenage: May 2007to July 2007

Upgrade of transmission stations.

Fluor/Genysys.  Measure up for cables, site inspections, labour returns, as builds and red line diagrams of electrical circuits submitted to designers. Contracted to Pinehall Communications


M6 Midas upgrade J10a to J13 – contracted to Amey Mouchel: November 2008 – Feb 2010

Engaged in stage 1 & 2 power cable testing.
Supervising the installation of the screw pilings for the MS3 signals and full span motorway gantries.
Supervising installation and commissioning of the MIDAS equipment/fault finding and remedial work.



Motorway Incident Detection Automatic Signalling

Technician tuning the MIDAS equipment for correct traffic detection


Contracted to WSP – A1M Newcastle Box  

N.A.D.I.S   Newcastle Area Driver Information Service, Feb-May 2010 to supervise all aspects of comms, cabling, electrical testing and commissioning of equipment.
The scheme comprises the installation of verge-mounted message signs and CCTV cameras at various sites around the ‘Newcastle Box’; which incorporates sections of the A1, A19 & A184 Trunk roads and the A194(M) motorway.
The message signs will provide driver information and queue protection and shall assist the RCC operator with managing incidents and congestion on the network.




Our Projects

M62  J23-24 Lighting and barrier upgrade,  November 2010 – March 2011


A-one+ is the project supervisor

Main contractor  AIGOL/Osborne’s

Engaged in civil/electrical inspection for the installation of 160 verge mounted street lights and barrier upgrade.

Photographs taken from MEWP above J24 westbound.  Camera: Panasonic Lumix TZ10



Our Projects

M62  J22-23 Lighting  upgrade,  November 2011- April 2012

A-one+ is the project supervisor

Main contractor  AIGOL/Osborne’s

Engaged in civil/electrical inspection for the installation of 734 verge mounted street lights and barrier upgrade






Contracted to VMS Ltd. to repair approx 100 electronic message signs,  May 2011 – July 2011

Variable Message Signs Limited (VMS) has been a market leader for a quarter of a century and supplied thousands of messaging signs and traffic management systems
At the core of all our products is ground-breaking and unique LED technology, supported by advanced electronics, powerful software and flexible communication techniques. In addition to tried-and-tested designs, we offer bespoke solutions, responding to the exact requirements of a worldwide spectrum of customers

Our Projects

Contracted to Aone+ as a site supervisor, August–October 2012

The work involved building large concrete structures which were cored and pinned to the rock beneath.
Geotechnical investigations were done at various locations ,these included 10 to 15 mtr deep bore hole samples to be examined be the geotechnical department.



Aone + Site supervisor for Technical surveys.. September 2012—Jan 2013

Aone+ Site supervisor for the electrical installation of lighting circuits for Chainbar roundabout J26 for M62 and M606. Jan 2013 –April 2013.


Aone+ Inspector/clerk of works October 2013 –February 2014 M62 J24–25
Employed as clerk of works/inspector for the installation of new CSB in the central reserve.
work also includes moving and replacing drainage in some areas .

Current. Approx 20 weeks duration.


Clerk of works CH2M HILL. March 2014 –March 2015
Contracted as Inspector/clerk of works assisting with on site design issues on behalf of the design team upgrading M1 J39-42 to Managed Motorways

Capita. September 2015–November 2015

Commissioning ,fault finding and updating the site asset register.

January 2016 –August 216.. Grontmij / Mott McDonald

ITS inspector M5 j4a–J6/


November 2016 –March 2018.   Sweco ex Grontmij  A1M leeming to Barton

Quality inspector for technology/electrical/Commissioning comms equipment with contractors engineer



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